UnitedHealthcare uses humor as hook in new ad campaign


“I came in too hot” is one of the many “ways in” to the healthcare system, and UnitedHealthcare’s creative team has taken a fresh approach to educating the public about navigating the complex system – whether they are there because of illness, injuries or inexplicable accidents.

With the release this spring of a series of television, Internet, radio and print ads, UnitedHealthcare is using humor as an effective hook to educate people about their healthcare options and to show that the health insurer understands how challenging the healthcare system can be.

The laugh-out-loud TV spots take a humorous look at official medical codes and definitions to illustrate just how a person might enter the healthcare system through “Activity Involving Dancing and Other Rhythmic Movements,” “Accidental Fall Into Storm Drain or Manhole” or “Other Accidental Fall from One Level to Another.”

Likewise, the accompanying print ads use a series of entertaining and cringe-worthy photos to illustrate how one might be afflicted with conditions like, “Foreign Body Accidentally Entering Other Orifice,” “Activities Involving Frisbee” or “Retained Wood Fragments,” among others.

“We know this industry is incredibly complex,” said Andrew Mackenzie, chief marketing officer of UnitedHealthcare’s commercial and Medicaid business, in an interview with AdAge. “We know consumers are frustrated. If we can demonstrate that … we can connect with them.”

Which ad is your favorite?

More info at www.uhc.com/waysin.