UnitedHealthcare Survey: More Companies and Employees are Utilizing Wellness Programs

Most employees with access to company wellness programs claim they have made a positive impact on their health, according to a recent UnitedHealthcare Consumer Sentiment Survey: “Wellness Check up.”

The nationwide survey’s key findings include:

  • Most employees say they are interested in wellness programs. Nearly 75 percent of all employees say they are interested in wellness programs, while 59 percent of people with access to such programs said the initiatives have made a positive impact on their health.
  • Many employees underestimate available wellness incentives. Nearly two thirds of respondents underestimate potential wellness-related financial incentives available through employer programs, which average $742 per employee per year, according to a recent study by the National Business Group on Health (NBGH).
  • Some employees are willing to spend more than one hour per day on wellness. Thirty-six percent of the people surveyed said they are willing to devote more than an hour per day on health-related activities, such as consistent exercise, researching healthy food or recipes, or engaging in wellness coaching.
  • More employees own activity trackers. Twenty-five percent of employees own an activity tracker, nearly double the 13 percent in 2016, according to a previous UnitedHealthcare survey. By 2018, companies nationwide are expected to help reduce obesity and sedentary time among employees.

For complete survey results here.