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More shocking than a trip to the emergency room? The balanced billing afterward.

Balanced Billing

A trip to the emergency room can be a harrowing experience. But sometimes, the experience after the ER visit can be the real horror.

Because of a practice called “balance billing,” patients may receive bills from a variety of providers who were involved – in some way or another – in that fateful ER visit weeks or months after being treated.

Even when the patient is treated at a hospital within their health plan network, they may receive egregious bills from various providers who staff the ER but choose not to be part of the patient’s health insurance plan network.

The good news is that patients who have fully-insured health insurance may have another avenue to resolve the pile of unexpected bills: mediation.

Read Teresa McUsic’s Savvy Consumer column in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram to learn more about the issue and what to do if it affects you.