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Happy Mother’s Day from UnitedHealthcare of Texas

UHC Mother's Day ImageIn May we thank mothers for their love and celebrate their selflessness.  

UnitedHealthcare recognizes mothers’ hard work and sacrifices and provides new and expectant moms tools to help ensure their child’s healthy birth and early life. One such program is UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Texas’ Baby Blocks, a free online program that rewards mothers for high quality care during their pregnancy and first two years of the child’s life.

Each milestone and physician appointment—from program enrollment to baby’s final visit—merits new rewards, including gift cards and maternity-related items such as teething rings, diaper bags and thermometers. Program members also receive alerts and updates from their maternity care team via text message or email.

Join us wishing moms across Texas a Happy Mother’s Day!

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan Empowers Texas Mom to Care for Adult Daughter with Disabilities

WheelchairChristy Travis was born with severe disabilities. For 35 years her mother, Jamie, has served as her full-time, at-home caregiver. Christy is able to live at home near her family’s love and support thanks to the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Texas (UHC) and its assistance helping eligible Texans find affordable Medicaid and Medicare plans.

Christy is non-verbal, non-ambulatory and has impaired intellectual and physical development. However, she expresses pain and joy, loves the color purple and enjoys holding babies. Keeping Christy where she is happiest is Jamie’s priority. When she was advised to move Christy to a state institution at 11 years old, she chose to use personal resources enhanced by UHC to instead care for her daughter at home.

Although the Travis family is able to care for Christy at home, Jamie is aware many families do not have that option.

“I’m blessed,” says Jamie. “Our state-provided services are a lifeline.”

Jaime qualifies for Medicaid and receives waivers for being an at-home caregiver for her daughter. These waivers cover Christy’s monthly in-home nursing visits, dental care and medical supplies.

In addition to helping people living with disabilities, the UHC Community Plan also offers health care benefits for mothers and babies, children up to the age of 19, adults, seniors and families who qualify for Medicaid.

Young Man Finds Purpose With Help from UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Texas

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For years, Andy’s mild intellectual disability, mood swings and obesity eroded his self-confidence, preventing him from making friends or applying for jobs. By the time he was 25, Andy weighed nearly 350 pounds.

It wasn’t until he joined the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Texas that Andy found the people and resources he needed to change his life for the better.

The UnitedHealthcare Community Plan helps eligible families and individuals find affordable Medicaid and Medicare plans. It offers a wide range of options for qualifying expectant mothers, their babies, children up to the age of 19, adults and families, seniors, and people living with disabilities and other hardships.

As part of his health plan, Andy receives Medicaid benefits and case management services. His case management team encourages him to adopt healthier behaviors, including seeking more social interaction and considering a weight loss program. During a supervisory home visit with Andy last year, two case managers noticed a slash on his cheek, perilously close to his eye. When asked about the injury, Andy said it was a knife wound from a gang fight the previous night.

Vulnerable to gang influence

“We were extremely concerned about him,” said Andy’s UHC Community Plan case manager. It was clear to them that Andy was a lonely young man in search of peer acceptance. The case managers helped Andy understand the dangers of associating with gang members and suggested an alternative to staying home alone all day: attending a day program at an adult daycare facility.

In the past, Andy had enjoyed the nutritious meals and caring staff at his local adult daycare facility, but he’d stopped attending because depression made it daunting for him to get out of bed in the morning. The center would send transportation to his house, but he often wouldn’t emerge from his room.

Adult daycare center: A place to belong

To re-engage Andy, his case managers enlisted the help of Mike, the adult daycare facility’s owner, someone Andy knew and trusted.

“I asked Mike to call Andy and warn him about the dangers of gangs,” said the case manager. She also thought Andy might decide to start attending the adult daycare again if he knew Mike cared about his welfare and would welcome him back.

Their intuition was right. Soon after the call, Andy agreed to start attending the center on a regular basis. Now, Andy never misses a day. In fact, he helps Mike open the center in the mornings.

Through the Community Plan of Texas and his case managers, Andy is living a healthier lifestyle and has found an important sense of belonging and purpose, along with much needed structure to his days.