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UnitedHealthcare’s Walking Maps Can Help You Reach 10,000 Steps a Day

Do you have a fitness tracker that’s constantly nudging you toward 10,000 steps? Wondering what 10,000 steps, the daily target recommended for avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, actually looks like? How many steps away is your child’s school or the park down the street?

Find out by visiting UnitedHealthcare’s interactive online tool at By simply entering start and end points, the site’s “Step Counter” calculates the approximate number of steps between both.

It works anywhere in the country, including every city and town in Texas. Walking routes are automatically generated; however, visitors can click and drag the blue line to make detours or to create a route along a specific path. Step calculations and distance will update automatically.

The walking maps were highlighted as part of a UnitedHealthcare sweepstakes and national fundraiser for Boys & Girls Clubs during Move More Month in April.