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Wearable Device Program for Wellness

UnitedHealthcare Integrates Apple Watch into Motion, Wearable Device Program for Wellness

Apple Watch is now a part of UnitedHealthcare Motion, a wearable device program that helps motivate participants to stay active and achieve nearly 12,000 steps per day – more than double the number of the average American adult.

UnitedHealthcare Motion is available to employers with self-funded and fully insured health plans in Texas. Employees to earn up to $4 per day in financial incentives based on achieving walking goals.

Starting this month, eligible program participants can either use their existing Apple Watch or buy and start using Apple Watch – initially paying tax and shipping – and then paying the purchase price of the device by meeting walking goals. Participants may be able to own – with a zero balance – an Apple Watch after approximately six months of meeting daily walking goals.

Since UnitedHealthcare Motion’s inception, participants have collectively walked more than 235 billion steps and earned nearly $38 million in rewards.